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Designers We Love: Amy Aidinis Hirsch

At Tiefenthaler Construction, our successful new home construction, major renovation and custom millwork business relies in part upon the skills of our talented interior design partners. Amy Aidinis Hirsch is one of our most trusted Connecticut designers, bringing her fresh take on home décor and design expertise to our improvements projects. Ms. Hirsch specializes in classic interior design that […]

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Kitchen Renovation Inspiration: 5 Home Kitchens of Famous Chefs 

It’s always fun to peek inside the world of our favorite celebrities, especially those famous chefs that have created gorgeous, functional kitchens with all the bells and whistles. Here are a few ideas on luxury home designs to inspire your kitchen renovation. 1. Guy Fieri’s 900 square foot kitchen is built for entertaining, with a pair of stainless steel […]

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2014 Building Trends: His and Her Offices

You’ve probably heard of some of the latest building trends, including outdoor kitchens, carriage houses and upscale wine cellars complete with tasting rooms. You might be surprised to know that his and hers office spaces are becoming increasingly popular among households with members who work from home. At Tiefenthaler, we stay current with construction developments, […]

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3 Reasons Hiring an Architect Is Best for the Construction of Your Home

When it comes to a life-changing investment like construction on your new home, you should never settle for anything but the best architect for your budget. It’s unsafe and unwise to rely on general contractors or other non-certified workers to build your new home. The experts at Tiefenthaler can offer three key reasons why hiring […]

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