3 Reasons Hiring an Architect Is Best for the Construction of Your Home

When it comes to a life-changing investment like construction on your new home, you should never settle for anything but the best architect for your budget.

Source: Free Digital Photos

Source: Free Digital Photos

It’s unsafe and unwise to rely on general contractors or other non-certified workers to build your new home. The experts at Tiefenthaler can offer three key reasons why hiring a licensed architect is money well spent.

1. Bringing an architect on board when you’re undertaking new construction or major home renovations provides you with an advocate to help guide you through the process. There are so many different faces you’ll see during this type of undertaking, from builders to landscapers to plumbing experts to municipal code enforcement personnel. An architect is used to dealing with these people and can help you avoid feeling overwhelmed.

2. Professional architects have foresight that you and other members of the building project do not possess. Issues invariably arise related to construction and design, and architects have the expertise to offer alternatives that will keep the project moving along. Builders work from the blue prints they’re given, so they sometimes don’t see problems early enough to avoid them.

3. An architect looks beyond the blue prints to the aesthetics of the building, including the flow among rooms and human components. It’s one thing to properly measure the size of the rooms and choose quality construction materials. However, a true professional has vision related to the scale of a space, its intended functions, and other intangible aspects of a large scale project.

Please contact the Tiefenthaler office to find out more about architects and other construction specialists we partner with for new home construction. We also handle preservation of historic buildings and major home renovations, and have been serving the Fairfield County area for over 25 years.

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