3 Things to Consider Before Building an Addition to Your Home

There are plenty of reasons to add on to your existing home. Either you need more space, or you want to change the style and look of the exterior of your home, and an addition to a house can improve the value of the property and there are plenty of home building addition ideas that will ensure that you get exactly what want. Additions can range from building extra buildings on the property, adding rooms to the existing house or adding outdoor terraces for summer.

Large Addition

Source: Tiefenthaler Construction

There are many things to keep in mind when deciding whether to add on to your house:

  • Do you have the space to spread your house out, or will you miss having a sprawling back yard?
  • Will the addition solve the problem that you have with the existing house? Additions can create as many problems as they solve, and can interfere with the flow of the house if not planned properly, and the additions should match the style of the house you’re adding on to.
  • Also think about how easy the addition will be, in terms of labor and time, as complicated additions will take longer, cost more and run into more problems. It’s usually simplest to add on to the main house, instead of building second-story additions which are complex and require plenty of work.

Once you’ve decided on the addition and have your home building addition ideas firmly in mind, finding the right contractor is essential. Finding somebody that has plenty of experience in the industry and has a style that you like is important, and there are questions that you should have ready when speaking with the contractor.

Once you’ve decided on the addition and you’d like a consultation, contact us today and we’ll be happy to discuss the project with you.

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5 Elements of a Farmhouse Kitchen

Interior design trends keep changing and it’s important to renovate your kitchen to keep it from feeling dated and old. There are also many new appliances on the market, and kitchen renovations will allow you to make your kitchen space more efficient and keep the look of your home fresh and new.

Farm Kitchen

Source: Rauser Design via Houzz

Kitchen renovations can include small changes such as the addition of a kitchen island, or some decorative millwork, or can be more extensive and make use of farmhouse kitchen design trends to add rustic charm to your home.

The current trend in farmhouse kitchen design is a return to the rustic and warm feel of a well-loved and used kitchen. To achieve this look, there are five elements that should be considered:

  • To achieve the rustic feel, many farmhouse kitchens use wooden flooring to add warmth and depth to the kitchen. You can use reclaimed wood to evoke that rustic feel.
  • Open shelves mean that you have all your utensils and pots within easy reach and without having to dig through dark cupboards. You don’t have to replace your existing cabinets, just remove the doors.
  • An apron-front sink is essential for the farmhouse look. With a deep bowl and sturdy construction, it’s both practical and ideal for heavy duty use.
  • You can get modern stoves that evoke a rustic range feel, and these make a great addition to any rustic kitchen without compromising on cooking quality and ease-of-use.
  • A large, accommodating kitchen table can be the focal point of a farmhouse kitchen design and can be used as an eating space or preparation space, depending on your current needs.

Renovating a kitchen is not an easy job, and you want the professionals to do it. Contact us today to arrange a consultation at a time that suits you.

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Add a Focal Point to Your Backyard With a Beautiful Stone Potting Shed

When considering home design, many people spend lots of time deciding on the style of the interior and exterior of the house, but most forget to consider the garden. The garden is the final accessory to creating the ideal house design, and there are a number of features that can be used to emphasize the natural beauty of the garden, which in turn will accentuate the house. Add a Focal Point to Your Backyard With a Beautiful Stone Potting Shed.

Potting Shed

Source: Tiefenthaler Construction

Each garden needs a focal point, whether it is something that’s attached to the house, like a terrace, or an arbor that will add elegance and softness to your outdoor space. If you are the type of person that loves pottering about in the garden, consider a stone potting shed as your garden focal point. A stone potting shed not only adds a touch of class to your garden, it will be invaluable as a place to store your garden tools and various odds and ends.

Many people will consider a garden shed as something of an eyesore, to be hidden away in the corner of the garden and only approached when necessary, but in the capable hands of designers such as Tiefenthaler, you’ll find a shed that exceeds you expectations. Not only will it be beautiful to look at, and add an extra dimension to your outdoor space, it will be functional and stylish on the inside, allowing the avid gardener plenty of space for everything they need. If you aren’t a gardener, you can use the stone potting shed as a room, and the design can incorporate a number of features depending on how you want to use the space.

No matter what your needs, finding a reputable contractor is your first step in achieving your design goals. Contact us today to arrange for a consultation time that suits you best.

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Outdoor Living Trends: Give Your Home Unique Outdoor Dining Space

Home design is not just how your house looks on the inside and outside, but also involves your garden. Now that summer is in full swing, many people are spending more time outside. It’s the perfect time to add some focal points to your garden, such as an arbor or stone potting shed. Many people are moving towards doing a lot of their living outside with plenty of outdoor living trends coming up, and outdoor living rooms and outdoor dining rooms are becoming very popular.

Outdoor Dining Furniture

Source: Houzz.com

The outdoor dining room provides the perfect opportunity for a dinner under the stars with friends and family and time to enjoy the evening breeze. The dining room can be permanent, such as under a veranda or patio, or can be placed wherever you have a flat piece of grass or paving for the duration of the evening. You can also consider making a secluded outdoor room in your garden and use that for a variety of entertaining purposes. Your options for outdoor dining are endless. Furnishing your outdoor dining room will be similar to furnishing an indoor room, but remember that because it’s outside, it should be relatively light and airy, so neutral and natural tones are ideal for this type of setting.

If you decide that you’d like to have a permanent structure in place for outdoor living to meet the current outdoor living trends, consider hiring a contractor that you can rely on to do the best possible job. Tiefenthaler are an architectural firm that specialize in housing design, development and construction and will ensure that you’ll have an outdoor room that you’ll be proud of. If you’d like a consultation regarding the construction of a new outdoor room, contact us today to arrange a consult at a time that suits you.

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