Be Sure to Ask These 5 Questions to Your Renovation Contractor

If you’re considering a new construction project or large scale improvements to your existing home, you want to carefully vet New England renovation contractors before making such an important hiring decision. Tiefenthaler Construction specialists have some advice on the five most important questions to ask.

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1. Who is the point person that will be onsite every day? This is the face that you’ll associate with your construction project and is the professional you’ll turn to with questions and concerns. You’ll be developing a close relationship with this person during work, so it’s important to bond early.

2. How are change orders handled? Changes to construction details are inevitable, but serious problems can arise when they’re not managed properly. Ask about the documentation process and make sure you know how scheduling will be affected by making project changes.

3. What’s the best form of communication? While you may be an email aficionado, sometimes this method isn’t practical for renovation professionals when onsite. Decide with your contractor how you will stay in touch, both during and after business hours.

4. What are the schedule specifics? A start date and completion date are important, but there are many other milestones along the way that affect your project. Ask your contractor about the timing for ground breaking, demolition, installation of main structures and other any details.

5. How often should we meet? Ongoing communication is key, but you’ll also need to schedule regular in-person meetings with your contractor. Depending on your project, consider monthly or weekly sessions to obtain updates and new developments.

The New England renovation contractors at Tiefenthaler have over 25 years of experience dealing with new home builds, renovations, historic home preservations and outbuilding structures. Whatever improvements you’re considering, please contact a specialist to hear more about our areas of expertise.

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