Add Old World Charm to the Bathrooms in Your Home With Cottage Design Elements

If you’re thinking of renovating your bathrooms, cottage design interior design elements are very popular around the Fairfield County, CT area right now. The look is rustic to incorporate natural components, yet refined enough to fit in with the rest of your home’s décor. The experts at Tienfenthaler handle cottage inspired bathroom renovations, and can offer a few design ideas.

Old World Style Bathroom

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  • A sea-inspired bathroom combines the feel of the ocean with a cottage style approach. White cabinets accented with sea glass hardware are light and airy, and white subway tile enhances the peaceful atmosphere. You could also achieve the same look with white beaded-board and trim on the walls and ceiling.
  • Using mixed materials in the bathroom can bring a cottage look to the space. A reclaimed wood armoire or shelving provides rich contrast when placed next to a modern vanity. Plus, you’ll get extra storage space for toiletries and linens.
  • Cottage style is rustic, which means natural elements like wooden beams are perfect as design accents. Instead of overwhelming a small bathroom with wall-to-wall beams, install them just above the shower.
  • The colors used to achieve cottage appeal are just as important as the interior design features you incorporate. Blues and greens are popular as they’re reminiscent of the ocean. However, a pop of yellow or orange brings a brightness to lighten up the room.
  • Vintage elements are cottage chic, especially when used as a focal point in the room. Get the look with a restored vanity mirror, classic light feature or antique accents.

Are you looking to renovate your bathrooms or other living spaces with cottage design interior design? Please contact Tiefenthaler to hear about our current projects and design ideas. Our firm also handles historic preservation, major home additions and elegant custom millwork.

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