Give the Floors in Your Home a Rustic Feel By Using Reclaimed Wood

No matter what room in the house needs new flooring, you have a wide array of building materials to choose from to replace it. Ceramic tile and hardwood are popular options, but you might consider reclaimed wood as a unique alternative that will add character and a rustic feel to any space. Here are some ways the renovation pros at Tiefenthaler are using this distinctive floor covering in Fairfield County, CT area projects.

Hardwood Floor

Source: Tiefenthaler Construction

  • Install reclaimed wood in your family room for a rustic touch on this casual room in the house. The bonus is that the surface of wood is sound absorbent, so the loud movies and video games won’t echo throughout your home. With an accent rug or two, your floors are also comfortable and family friendly.
  • Wood flooring is also an excellent option for your kitchen. It’s easy to clean with regular sweeping and mopping, and long term maintenance is a breeze. Plus, it’s durable, so it can withstand all the wear and tear your family can throw at it. If you spend lots of time in the kitchen with meal preparation, your feet will also thank you for installing reclaimed wood floors.
  • Consider reclaimed wood in your master bedroom if you like a rustic, beachy style. The look is reminiscent of cottage or colonial interior design, with its weathered appeal and softness. Shades of blue and green really pop against dark wood, bringing the feel of the seaside and enhancing the peaceful atmosphere you want in your bedroom.

There are many other options for finishing your home’s floors with repurposed wood, including a media room fix up or family room renovation. Please give us a call at Tiefenthaler to hear more about our current projects or to schedule a consultation with one of our home improvement specialists.

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