Kitchen Renovation Inspiration: 5 Home Kitchens of Famous Chefs 

It’s always fun to peek inside the world of our favorite celebrities, especially those famous chefs that have created gorgeous, functional kitchens with all the bells and whistles. Here are a few ideas on luxury home designs to inspire your kitchen renovation.

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1. Guy Fieri’s 900 square foot kitchen is built for entertaining, with a pair of stainless steel refrigerators for extra food and beverage storage. There’s also an enormous burner capable of boiling large pots of chili, stew, or jumbalaya when hosting a crowd.
2. Instead of renovating the kitchen in her home, Ina Garten decided to construct a separate building to house her cooking center. The enormous space includes a farm house sink and state of the art stove, fridge and Viking range.
3. Streamlined elegance is the focus at Martha Stewart’s Manhattan kitchen. She prefers clean lines and a modern feel, so insisted upon floor to ceiling cabinetry in the design. Instead of pull out drawers on the lower cabinets, she opted for sliding doors to maximize space.
4. One of America’s first celebrity chefs, Julia Child, was six foot, two inches tall. As such, she custom tailored her kitchen to include 38 inch counter tops instead of the standard 36 inches. Ms. Child also installed both gas and electrical cook tops for more flexibility in creating her dishes.
5. Paula Deen envisioned a combination between professionalism and traditional style when designing  her kitchen. The appliances are premium quality, including a convection oven and in-counter deep fryer. The wooden ceiling beams and exposed brick provide a more classic style.
At Tiefenthaler, our construction and interior design professionals have been bringing luxury home designs and kitchen renovations to Norwalk, CT area residents for over 25 years. Please contact our office for ideas and help creating your dream kitchen.

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