2014 Building Trends: His and Her Offices

You’ve probably heard of some of the latest building trends, including outdoor kitchens, carriage houses and upscale wine cellars complete with tasting rooms. You might be surprised to know that his and hers office spaces are becoming increasingly popular among households with members who work from home. At Tiefenthaler, we stay current with construction developments, and we’ve seen the emergence of the new office environment.

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Couples that telecommute on a daily basis have the advantage of being able to spend more time together than those that work offsite all day or have lengthy commutes. At the same time, each person needs a certain amount of privacy to stay focused on tasks and take phone calls as necessary. The concept of his and hers offices ensure that the work stations are adequately separated, while occupying the same space.

In some spaces, it makes sense to place these desks next to each other. With an extending wall partition, he won’t be running into her chair and she won’t be taking up his workspace with documents or other office supplies. Another popular set up for his and hers office spaces have two desks facing each other and sharing a long table or desk as a work surface.

No matter what desk setup works best for a couple, plenty of storage for office supplies and computer equipment is a must. With two people sharing the space, it’s essential that everything is properly stowed.
If you’d like to hear more about recent home improvement and building trends, please give us a call. Our professionals at Tiefenthaler specialize in all areas of construction, including new builds, historic renovations and outdoor spaces. We have custom millwork experts on staff to transform your interior or exterior into a truly unique space.

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