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Add a Recreation Room to Your Connecticut Home

Parents with children of any age know that keeping the kids occupied with fun activities is essential to their social and educational development. However, it’s just as important to celebrate togetherness as a family, so you don’t want to just send them off to play games at the other end of the house. More and […]

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Custom Built in Cabinetry Idea: Daybed and Library in One!

We ran across this photo from Country Living magazine and love the daybed and library in one!   If you are thinking of creative ways to add charm and functionality to your antique home or to an existing room in your house or to a room you plan for an upcoming addition, let the custom […]

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Keep Your Historic Home in Great Shape With These Maintenance Tips

Owners of historic homes have the honor of enjoying gorgeous building quality, as well as the pride and traditions of craftsmen of the past. These homeowners however also face special challenges when it comes to proper maintenance. The upkeep required for modern structures is very different than older construction. Our preservation experts at Tiefenthaler have […]

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3 Reasons Hiring an Architect Is Best for the Construction of Your Home

When it comes to a life-changing investment like construction on your new home, you should never settle for anything but the best architect for your budget. It’s unsafe and unwise to rely on general contractors or other non-certified workers to build your new home. The experts at Tiefenthaler can offer three key reasons why hiring […]

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