Stone Siding: 3 Benefits to Your Fairfield Home

When considering renovations to your home, it’s smart to make improvements that add visual appeal as well as value to the property. Stone siding is one way to make over your place.  The elegant look will increase the fair market price of your home. The exterior planners at Tiefenthaler can shed some light on several benefits of installing stone siding on your Fairfield County home.

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Source: Tiefenthaler Construction

1. Stone siding can increase your energy efficiency, keeping your house warmer in the winter and cooler in the summer. You’ll see an immediate reduction in your heating and cooling bills, so the investment is worth the cost. The cold Fairfield winters seem much shorter when you’re staying cozy and warm inside your home, and you’ll be running your air conditioning less frequently.

2. The look of stone siding is rustic and warm, which will boost your home’s curb appeal. While the upfront price tag on siding and installation might seem high, there is very limited maintenance cost. Your exterior will keep its gorgeous look for years to come, with very little additional investment. Stone siding is durable, even during extreme temperature changes, making it a better choice than vinyl or wood siding.

3. Stone is a versatile option when considering siding for your home. The color and texture work well whether you live in a wooded area or have a home surrounded by green grass. Stone coordinates perfectly with any type of landscaping look, and can actually enhance your exterior decor. No matter what style your roof is, stone is the perfect choice to complete the stunning look.

Please contact us at Tiefenthaler for more information on stone siding and other exterior home improvement projects. Our specialists have extensive experience with new home construction, historic preservation work and large scale additions.

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