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House Raising After a Major Storm

House Raising Fairfield County

Everyone in the coastal Fairfield County area knows someone who suffered from major water damage to their home from Super Storm Hurricane Sandy. While some homeowners were able to patch up a move on, many residents are starting the process of raising their homes to heights that meet the new standards, reduce their insurance costs and […]

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Stone Siding: 3 Benefits to Your Fairfield Home

When considering renovations to your home, it’s smart to make improvements that add visual appeal as well as value to the property. Stone siding is one way to make over your place.  The elegant look will increase the fair market price of your home. The exterior planners at Tiefenthaler can shed some light on several […]

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Add Extra Storage Space With a New Outdoor Space

You can never have too much storage space around the house, but not many homeowners look outside when it comes to options for stowing their personal belongings. At Tiefenthaler, our experts specialize in outdoor home renovations, which include layouts that allow for plenty of storage. If you’re considering transforming your exterior space, check out a […]

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Four Tips to Winterize an Historic Home in New England

New England winters can be harsh, not only on you and your family, but on your home as well.  Dealing with the damage rough winter weather can cause doesn’t need to be a difficult task, especially if you’re prepared for the unique challenges the cold, sleet, wind, and snow present.  If you’d like to know […]

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