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5 Ultra Modern Home Design Trends

When you’re planning renovations or new home construction, it’s important to take into account your personal tastes to ensure that the end result is a look you adore. At the same time, you should think outside the box to make your place truly unique.

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If you’re inspired by ultra modern styles, clean lines rule when paired with the right colors and textures. Check out a few tips from the specialists at Tiefenthaler for contemporary interior design that makes a statement.

1. These days, modern homes are taking the environment into account in floor plans and materials. Utilizing sustainable materials like bamboo and cork are eco-friendly, while incorporating an open layout is both economical and energy efficient.

2. A framed home will appeal to your modern sense of style, especially with steel beams that are minimalist and sleek. These structures are constructed with a single beam that acts as a support feature for the exterior walls.

3. Contemporary home design trends that create visual continuity with the landscape are popular right now. A flat home built into a lower elevation yard allows the structure to blend rather than conflict with the scenery.

4. Converting a garage into a living space will bring the ultra modern look, especially if you incorporate exposed brick and architectural elements with an industrial feel.

5. Storage is always a necessity no matter what your style. To get the modern look, install storage features that tuck away and become part of the interior design. Invisible drawers and cabinetry seamlessly blend into the room and offer additional space to stow your belongings.

Would you like more information on ultra modern home design trends and home improvement ideas? Please contact a Tiefenthaler expert to hear about our interior projects and transformations that fall everywhere on the home décor spectrum.

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Design a Garden Room for Spring

If you dream of owning a garden that feels more like a room than just another pretty space, you may want to entertain the idea of garden room home design. Garden rooms are wonderful for small parties or just an intimate gathering of two. Imagine being able to enjoy your own private outdoor getaway in your own backyard. Here are some tips to help you create your own garden living space.

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Green Your Walls

Use bamboo, vines, or other trees to create a fence around your space. Creating a sense of privacy that works with nature is paramount when creating a space that inspires serenity.

Use Splashes of Color

Fields of green can become a bit run of the mill after a while. Create interest by planting small wildflowers in a multitude of colors. Make it appear natural by randomly scattering the seeds around and letting the seeds grow where they may.

Serene Waterfalls

The sound of the trickle of water can bring calm to any space. Implement a small fountain that can be used as a space for meditation, getting cozy with a good book, or bird watching.

Now is the time to create a beautiful garden room for your backyard. If you have questions about how you can create a space that is tranquil, lush, and full of color, call the garden room home experts at Tiefenthaler Home Builders.

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4 Unique and Ornate Wall Paneling Ideas for Your Connecticut Home

There is more to your choice of wall coverings than just adding a fresh coat of paint. Nowadays, homeowners are looking for ways to bring a unique personality to every room in the home, while still maintaining the integrity of the house construction and interior design choices. Read on to learn more about your choices in wall paneling Connecticut homes.

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Geometric Wall Frames

Utilize wood from crown molding to create unique patterns on an accent wall, or across the whole room. Try using a bright color on the wall while using a neutral tone on the molding — or vice versa. The molding can come in different lengths and widths giving you a variety of options for creating a look that is all your own.

Upholstered Walls

If you thought upholstery was for your couch and dining chairs, think again. You can create a beautiful upholstered wall frame using your favorite textile patterns.

Contemporary Architectural Design

If you have a rather large wall that can use some scaling down, try mimicking the prominent shapes found across your living space. Are your lamp shades rectangular? Is your furniture in the shape of an oval? Try using rope, wood, or other flexible pieces to create shapes on an accent wall.

Dramatic Curtains

Large windows can be beautiful, however you also want to be sure that you maintain your privacy while also allowing natural light in the room. Try draping your windows from the ceiling to the floor for a dramatic effect. Play around with textures and colors during different seasons. Perhaps use heavier fabric on the outermost edges of the windows and lighter fabric across the windows.

Your choices for beautiful and unique wall coverings are more numerous than you can imagine. Contact us for more ideas for wall paneling your Connecticut home.

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3 Home Design Ideas for Your Multi-Generational Family

With more households caring for elderly relatives and kids residing with their parents later in life, many home design trend ideas are leaning toward living arrangements for the multi-generational family. The experts at Tiefenthaler have been at the forefront around Fairfield County in designing and building homes that provide comfort and privacy for everyone in the household.

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1. When you have multiple generations living under the same roof, it’s important that you provide privacy for your home within a home. At minimum, ensure that you have separate bathrooms, even if you don’t have room in your house or budget to install a second kitchen. The space should also have a sitting area or parlor if this member of your household wants to entertain in their own space.

2. Depending on the independence of your home’s residents, you might want to consider incorporating a second entrance to your multi-generational home. Allowing your guests to come and go as they please reinforces that the quarters are separate from the main house, even through they share the main facilities. It’s also smart to install a different access point to your patio or other outdoor living space.

3. Of course, a multi-generational floor plan should enable the residents to move freely between the separate quarters without having to go outdoors. If you’re considering this layout, ensure that you incorporate a shared-access door between the two areas of the home. The door should have a lock to provide privacy for the person living in the space.

If you’d like to hear more home design trend ideas for the multi-generational family, please give us a call at Tiefenthaler. Our specialists can provide assistance on convenient floor plans for new construction, or give advice on renovating your existing structure in order to accommodate your entire family.

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Having Arches in Your Home Design Will Add Beautiful Curves to Your Home

The architectural details in luxury home interior design are every bit as important as the paint colors you choose or furniture you buy. Arches are one feature you can incorporate to add sophisticated curves and elegance to any room in the house, essentially framing the space like a beautiful picture. The interior design specialists at Tiefenthaler have extensive experience with adding arches in both new homes and existing construction, so they can offer some advice on how to include them into your home’s décor.

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Use repetitive arch features when transitioning between two closely connected rooms, such as the living and dining rooms. You might also install them between the kitchen and dining area. The spaces will appear to flow together, creating a more cohesive look. The arches will also attract the eye to spots in the room that they might not normally be drawn.

You can incorporate arches at the entrances to your kitchen to demonstrate the importance of the busiest room in your house. These architectural features produce a visual frame that set the room apart from others in your home, and they can be installed to showcase the kitchen seating area.

Even your bathroom can look more elegant with the inclusion of graceful arches. Install them at the threshold between your master bath and bedroom, and make sure to continue the look throughout the space. You can add arches to the entrance of the tub or shower on a smaller scale, and repeat the features around the mirror and vanity.

Would you like to hear more luxury home interior design tips on how to incorporate graceful arches in your home? Please give the experts at Tiefenthaler a call for more information on our home improvement projects. We also handle new home construction, major interior transformations and custom millwork.

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Kitchen Renovation Inspiration: 5 Benefits to Having a Kitchen Island

Whether you’re planning a kitchen remodel or starting fresh with new home construction, a convenient layout with plenty of storage should be a priority. Installing an island is a smart option to consider as you’re looking through kitchen renovation inspirations. At Tiefenthaler, our experts can name several benefits to incorporating this hard-working powerhouse.

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1. An island adds storage to your kitchen, whether you keep it open or install additional cabinetry to match the rest of the room. The extra space is perfect for keeping pots and pans, baking dishes and other utensils you like to keep handy while cooking.

2. The additional counter space offered by a kitchen island gives you more room for meal preparation. You can be chopping vegetables or rolling out cookie dough while your helpers are measuring ingredients, and you won’t be running into each other.

3. If you bring a few stools over to the kitchen island, you’ll have additional seating for casual dining or entertaining. Kids especially love these units because they’re a great spot to pull up a chair and do homework.

4. A kitchen island can also be fitted with additional appliances or fixtures in busy spaces. It’s handy to have an extra sink or refrigerator at your disposal when you’re preparing or cleaning up after a meal.

5. When you fit your kitchen island with casters, you have a portable cabinet that adds versatility. You can move the unit exactly where you need it for entertaining or other household activities.

When it comes to kitchen renovation inspirations, the Tiefenthaler team of construction experts and interior design partners have plenty of ideas to help you bring your dream to life. Please give us a call for more information on our home renovations, large scale addition projects and new home construction work.

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