Architects We Love: Daniel Conlon Architects

At Tiefenthaler, we rely on our partnerships with top New England architects, interior designers and other building professionals to bring our customers the best in new home construction and major renovations. One of our most talented architectural firms is Daniel Conlon Architects, who feature a small team of intensely dedicated professionals. They focus on designs for new construction and renovations for both residential and commercial properties, from Fairfield County, CT to Coastal Maine.

Daniel Conlon Architects

Source: DConlonArchitects

The Conlon firm specializes in new custom home builds, employing design styles that enhance and beautify the surrounding New England landscape. The team concentrates on attention to detail, such as blending a rustic wood exterior with natural stone chimney to bring old world charm.

Existing home additions and renovations are also an area of expertise at Daniel Conlon Architects. These professionals can transform your current structure by envisioning potential and bringing your dream home to life. Once complete, your new addition continues the rich character of your existing home as one flowing building. The team also handles residential exterior projects, such as outbuilding design and pool house construction.

For commercial design and construction, the Conlon firm is dedicated to eliminating the cold and industrial feel that sometimes exists within buildings where business is conducted. The result is a warm, inviting atmosphere that welcomes visitors and encourages them to linger. At the same time, this architectural firm stays true to the tradition and history of New England. They incorporate building materials like brick, stone and reclaimed wood to enhance the colonial style.

Tiefenthaler Construction partners with Daniel Conlon Architects and many other New England architects and building experts who concentrate on styles from classic to Gothic revival to green-focused modern structures. Please give us a call if you’d like to schedule a consultation or set up an appointment to view one of our completed projects.

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