Bring Your Historic Home Into The 21st Century With These 5 Tips

Owners of Northeastern historic homes are fortunate to benefit from the quality craftsmanship and attention to detail practiced by builders of generations past. However, there are circumstances when it’s necessary to add a few more modern touches to your older home. The historic home renovation specialists at Tiefenthaler have some recommendations on how to bring your place into the 21st Century. 

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1. Make sure you talk with expert contractors before attempting any structural changes. Older homes have weathered many years, and may be vulnerable to certain projects.

2. Even if an architectural detail is rotted or destroyed, save it for future reference. You can show it to your contractor as an example of how the place looked in its glory days, and they can emulate that style.

3. If your historic home contains older windows, replace them with more modern, high efficiency models. You’ll maintain the integrity of the place, but be paying much lower energy bills. In some cases, you can also receive beneficial tax treatment.

4. Older plumbing systems may be leaky or damaged, and could even be harmful to your health. It’s likely that your place features brass, galvanized or copper pipes, all of which have their own lifespan. Talk to an experienced plumber before undertaking any plumbing repairs, as these experts can help you replace or repair older pipes.

5. Know your federal and local rules if your older home is protected by historical landmark laws. There are some construction or renovation projects that are prohibited in order to safeguard the aesthetic and time-honored integrity of the structure.

If you own an older home that could use a more modern transformation, please contact the construction experts at Tiefenthaler. We specialize in renovation Northeastern historic homes, as well as new construction and major home additions.

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