The ASLA’s Outdoor Design Trends for 2014

Every year, the American Society of Landscaping Architects gets together to discuss and explore the latest trends in design for exterior spaces, and the results have recently been released for 2014. Many professionals like those at Tiefenthaler rely on the ASLA outdoor design trends in planning exterior projects, for both new home construction and existing spaces. Here are a few of the landscaping ideas that are turning heads this year.

Outdoor Design

Source: ASLA

  • Exterior living areas that include features for meal preparation continue to be popular. More homeowners are installing outdoor kitchens, rotisseries and brick ovens in addition to the traditional grills.
  • Fire and water features are in demand as families spend more time outdoors entertaining guests. Fountains, ponds and small-scale creeks add to the peaceful atmosphere, while outdoor fireplaces allow households to spend more time outdoors in the early and late seasons.
  • Native plants are the latest trend among homeowners who want easy care landscaping. These plants are used to their environment, which means they don’t need excess sunlight or watering beyond what they experience in the back yard.
  • Rooftop gardens are gaining acceptance among urban dwellers. Not only do they provide a wealth of produce and herbs for households that want to grow their own food, but they offer insulation from the elements and lower energy bills.
  • The latest in lighting is always among the ASLA trend report topics. From ambiance illumination to task lighting, outdoor enthusiasts need to be able to see their gorgeous space. Solar-powered lighting continues to be an energy-efficient choice.

The professionals at Tiefenthaler stay current with the ASLA outdoor design trends, as well as the latest developments in new home construction and large scale renovations. Please give us a call to hear more about our work, which includes both interior and exterior home improvement and transformations.

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