Keep Your Historic Home True to Its Time Period By Avoid These 3 Renovation Mistakes

When you live in a historic home, you’re fortunate to enjoy the quality craftsmanship and expertise of the builders who created it. However, many older structures can benefit from preservation efforts to bring modern conveniences while still staying true to the original charm. If you’re considering historic home renovations, the specialists at Tiefenthaler can offer some advice on the mistakes you want to avoid.

Historic Rennovation

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1. Adding roofing that’s inconsistent with your home’s aesthetic appeal can ruin its grandeur, negatively affecting it’s historical nature. While a new roof might be recommended to increase energy efficiency, modern materials and building techniques don’t always work well with the original architect’s intent. Talk with your contractor about other ways to improve your roof without destroying your home’s charm.

2. The landscaping surrounding your historic home is just as much a part of its overall appearance as the structure itself. Make sure your yard features and accessories coordinate with the style of your home to enhance its appeal rather than compete with it. The classic lines of your home require traditional styles for your deck or patio as well.

3. The architect and construction experts who built your home had a certain image in mind for the indoors appointments, so it’s important that your interior design be consistent with their vision. Beamed ceilings and high quality wood trim are out of place against contemporary furnishings and artwork. Also, the charm of historic homes is best highlighted with paint colors in earth tones, such as terra cotta, soft yellows, sage green and beige.

If you’d like to hear more about our historic home renovations or view one of our recently completed projects, please contact the Tiefenthaler office. We can answer your questions and provide additional details on our historic preservations, including custom millwork and outbuilding construction.

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