Having Arches in Your Home Design Will Add Beautiful Curves to Your Home

The architectural details in luxury home interior design are every bit as important as the paint colors you choose or furniture you buy. Arches are one feature you can incorporate to add sophisticated curves and elegance to any room in the house, essentially framing the space like a beautiful picture. The interior design specialists at Tiefenthaler have extensive experience with adding arches in both new homes and existing construction, so they can offer some advice on how to include them into your home’s décor.

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Source: Frederick + Frederick Architects via Houzz.com

Use repetitive arch features when transitioning between two closely connected rooms, such as the living and dining rooms. You might also install them between the kitchen and dining area. The spaces will appear to flow together, creating a more cohesive look. The arches will also attract the eye to spots in the room that they might not normally be drawn.

You can incorporate arches at the entrances to your kitchen to demonstrate the importance of the busiest room in your house. These architectural features produce a visual frame that set the room apart from others in your home, and they can be installed to showcase the kitchen seating area.

Even your bathroom can look more elegant with the inclusion of graceful arches. Install them at the threshold between your master bath and bedroom, and make sure to continue the look throughout the space. You can add arches to the entrance of the tub or shower on a smaller scale, and repeat the features around the mirror and vanity.

Would you like to hear more luxury home interior design tips on how to incorporate graceful arches in your home? Please give the experts at Tiefenthaler a call for more information on our home improvement projects. We also handle new home construction, major interior transformations and custom millwork.

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