Enjoying the Outdoors: Build a Fire Pit as a Focal Point to Your Outdoor Space

When designing or adding onto your outdoor space, it’s smart to consider including a fire feature that serves as a beautiful focal point and adds visual interest to the patio. However, the experts at Tiefenthaler can attest to the benefits that go far beyond just making an attractive impact on your décor.

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With fire pits, outdoor space is something you and your family can enjoy well into the evenings, even during cooler Fairfield County weather. Spring and fall in our region are beautiful times of year to take in the scenery, and an outdoor fire feature ensures that you and your guests can do so in cozy comfort.

Besides providing a place where everyone can gather to take off the chill, a fire pit can act as the focal point what is essentially an outdoor room. You have more space for entertaining, and can set up a conversation area around the feature so that everyone can warm themselves. The glow of the fire will cast enough light, so you won’t need to turn on glaring beams or add complicated lighting systems.

Many of today’s fire pit designs can even incorporate grill surfaces or other apparatus for cooking meals. Installing a grate over the fire will enable you to whip up a batch of steaks or burgers, or go bold by bringing in a smoker for slow cooking meats. Brick ovens are popular among homeowners as well. You can bake pizzas or bread outdoors without heating up the kitchen during the hot summer months. A rotisserie for roasting poultry or other meats is another option.

For more information on fire pits, outdoor space renovations and other home renovation projects, please contact a specialist at Tiefenthaler. In addition to exterior work, we also handle new construction, home additions and historic preservations.

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