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Getting started with Historic Restorations

Hello All! It’s been a very busy summer building and renovating here in Fairfield County and we have not been keeping up with our blog! As we begin to look at our new website analytic results, we see that many of you are interested in Historic Restorations, so here we go with our first in […]

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Top Questions to ask a Builder

So, you’re considering a new home construction, renovation or addition and you’d like to know where to start when interviewing a prospective builder? ┬áThis summer, we will be blogging about the top questions you should ask a Builder and top questions you should ask an Architect and our reasons why they are important to know […]

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Welcome to Teifenthaler Builder’s Blog

Welcome to the new Teifenthaler Builders’ blog! It is our hope that we will be able to help people in Fairfield County that are considering a new home construction, a home renovation or a home addition project to navigate the planning and building cycle with ease. We have 25 years of fine home building experience […]

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