Building Trends Part One: Mudrooms

Source:  Tifenthaler Construction

Source: Tifenthaler Construction

There are plenty of great building trends taking place in Connecticut, especially in Fairfield County, an extremely trendy and heavily populated county in Southwest Connecticut. We thought we’d take the time to examine three really popular building trends in the area in our Building Trend series. Let’s take a look at the first one today: Mudrooms.

By definition, a mudroom is an entryway or hallway, usually located at the front entrance of a home. Entryways usually store all manner of items in a home, including coats or a coat closet and shoes. Mudrooms also usually have tile flooring which is much easier to clean than carpet. Given all the foot traffic a mudroom sees, this can be a necessity.

Because of their versatility and usefulness, mudrooms are quickly becoming a must have in many homes. In fact, many homeowners are now either expanding what they already have, or building completely new spaces. If you’re looking to build or redesign a mudroom, here are few things to keep in mind in order to maximize your space:


Natural lighting in your space will help keep a fresh feeling in a room that can have tight quarters.

Family Space

What type of space does your family need? How much space do you have in your home? Does it accommodate everything it needs to? These are questions you need to answer before you proceed with either a build or a redesign. If you need to build a space with hooks for bags or add more closet space for extra winter gear, determine this in advance.

For more information or ideas on how to create the perfect mudroom for your home, Houzz has a number of incredibly inspirational designs and ideas. Make sure to contact the experts here at Tiefenthaler Construction when you’re ready to build that perfect space.

Be sure to check back for part two of our series on Fairfield County building trends.

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