5 Questions to Ask Your Architect for Your Home Build

Now that you’ve decided to purchase a custom built new home, it’s time to start looking into New England architects that can help make your dream come true. Tiefenthaler Construction works closely with many architectural professionals throughout the region, and our experts know the important questions to ask when you’re trying to find the right fit.

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1. What is your design approach? If you like classic interiors, you’re not going to work well with an architect who concentrates on modern, edgy styles.

2. What challenges do you foresee in completing this project? Ground breaking of your new home is not the time to discover that your architect sees problems. Ask before you hire an architect to determine whether he or she sees roadblocks or potential delays that can hinder your project.

3. How are fees for materials and labor calculated? You’ll want to know how your architect is earning the money you’re paying, and it’s important to find this information out before a dispute arises. Inquire as to how you’ll be charged for your architect’s services and other staff, as well as costs for materials.

4. What will be required of you as the home purchaser? If you need to provide input or participate in meetings, it’s best to know this in advance. You can plan and prepare for the project better if you know your level of involvement.

5. How will you communicate with your architect? Whether it’s email, phone or text, you need to establish how you contact your professional with questions, concerns or changes.

Please give us a call to find out more about the New England architects Tiefenthaler works with in connection with our custom built new homes. Our close, professional partnerships help us bring quality craftsmanship and construction services to satisfied residents throughout the area.

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