5 Interesting Green Home Building Trends for 2014

It’s one thing to design and construct an amazing new custom home or renovation, but the team at Tiefenthaler goes the extra mile to also incorporate the latest eco-friendly building components. With over 25 years of construction experience in the Fairfield County, CT area, we utilize many of the top 2014 green home building trends in our projects.

Eco Friendly Aspects

Source: ZeroEnergy Design via Houzz.com

1. The technology of home insulation has been a big focus in recent years, with manufacturers developing more effective and inexpensive products from sustainable materials. This trend means home owners spend less on the initial build, as well as over time with decreased energy bills.

2. Energy efficiency is also the latest in home appliances. Companies are manufacturing ranges, refrigerators, laundry machines, and other devices that use less energy and work more efficiently. Convection stoves and ovens, once just luxury appliances, will become standard in new home construction in the coming months.

3. In areas where sunlight can effectively be harnessed, solar panels are becoming more popular. Instead of offering this type of energy enhancing technology, builders will be including it as a standard feature.

4. New home builders will incorporate more sustainable materials in both residential and commercial projects. Reclaimed woods, cork, recycled steel and composite lumber are durable as well as eco-friendly.

5. Developing more environmentally-friendly windows has been a focus in the construction industry for some time, and the trend will continue throughout 2014. Double-paned glass with a vacuum in between the glass is the most in-demand by consumers.

By staying current with 2014 green home building trends and the latest in interior design inspiration, Tiefenthaler is able to bring the highest quality construction projects to New England homeowners. Please contact our office to hear more about our new home builds, large scale renovations, custom millwork and outdoor spaces.

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