5 Essential Elements of Gothic Revival Architecture

Whether you’re looking to renovate your existing house or need help designing a new place, you can trust the construction professionals at Tiefenthaler to help create your dream home. Gothic revival architecture is a popular style in the New England area, and there are a few essential components that define this classic look.

Gothic Revival

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1. The Gothic revival style is seen quite often in interior doors and entryways. Elements such as ornate pointed arches and decorative crowns welcome guests and lead the eye up to these elegant details.

2. Floor plans and layouts in a home inspired by Gothic revival architecture tend to be open and irregular, adding to the charm. You can maintain a smooth flow from room to room by using common design schemes throughout the home to bring continuity.

3. On the outside, Gothic revival exterior style is elaborate and gorgeous. Popular features include castle-like turrets, deeply pitched roofs and parapets. Eaves typically extend further over the structure and windows than you’d see in a typical roof.

4. Because Gothic revival is rooted in the churches, cathedrals and other religious buildings of England and France, stained glass windows are a popular design feature. These gorgeous accents can be used in your home’s interior to provide separation between rooms, and they strike an impressive image when the light shines through them.

5. Intricately-carved wood ornamentation is widely used in Gothic revival homes, especially around windows, doorways and interior wall trim. The features really make a statement when you use a rich contrasting wall color.

Please give us a call at Tiefenthaler if you’d like to hear more about our Gothic revival architecture projects or home renovations. In addition to our building services, we would be happy to refer you to local architects and interior designers that can help you create a Gothic revival home. Tiefenthaler has been providing Fairfield County, CT residents with quality work for over 25 years.

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