5 Contemporary Home Building Trends for 2014

Whether you’re looking into new home construction or want to make some major changes to your home, it’s a good idea to understand 2014 contemporary home building trends. You’ll gain insight on what architectural features are popular right now, as well as find out about new technologies that can make your home more efficient.

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The professionals at Tiefenthaler keep current with the latest building trends, including a few that you might consider.

1. Recent hit TV shows that take place in the 1960s have brought retro style back to living spaces. Bold geometric prints will be used in furniture, accent pieces and wall coverings. Fabrics such as rich velvet will also be incorporated.

2. Look for individuality in home building trends for the coming year. Instead of matched furniture sets for the living and bedroom, you’ll see more personalized, unique pieces that have a story to tell.

3. Gray will be a popular color for the next year, and various shades will overtake white as the go-to for paint colors. Both indoors and out, gray is less stark and goes will any décor.

4. For hardware and other metal details, gold is the next big trend in interior design. It will be used in various finishes, including shiny, brushed and antique.

5. Wood details will move away from light and contemporary to more classic styles. Cherry and other fruit woods are making a comeback in wall trim, wainscoting and ceiling beams. You’ll also see these darker shaded woods as updated floor coverings.

There are many more 2014 contemporary home building trends that are defining the construction and renovation industry right now, so please contact an agent at Tiefenthaler for more information. We can tell you more about our new home projects, home renovations and historic home preservation work.

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