Preserved. Restored. Upgraded.

  • Waterfront Home raising after flood damage

    Description: Norwalk Custom Home Builder | Renovator | Tiefenthaler Construction
    Home raising and major renovation after Hurricane Sandy storm flooding damage.
    Architect: Dan Conlon

  • Historic Renovations | Connecticut

    Description:Fairfield Renovation | Custom Home Builder | Tiefenthaler Construction
    New kitchenette in Historic cottage
    Architect:MR Architects, NY, NY

  • Historic Restoration | Westport, CT

    Description:Westport Home Raising | Historic Home Restoration | Tiefenthaler Construction
    Beautiful staircase with sisal running and walnut bannister
    Architect:MR Architects, NY, NY

  • Home Restoration | Fairfield County, CT

    Description:Greenwich Renovation | Historic Home Restoration | Tiefenthaler Construction
    Nickel faucet in historically preserved home
    Architect:MR Architects, NY, NY

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