Add Function to Your Outdoor Living Space with a New Outdoor Kitchen

The spring and summer months bring some of the best weather of the year for residents of Fairfield County.  Many people finally get a chance to get outside, and enjoy entertaining and dining al fresco.

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Having an outdoor kitchen means more socializing and less toiling indoors, as well as an opportunity for everyone to get involved in meal preparation.The Tiefenthaler construction professionals can help you design and construct an outdoor kitchen with an exterior home renovation that’s as beautiful as it is functional.

One of the first things to keep in mind is that the layout of your outdoor kitchen should follow the same principles as the one inside your home. The cooking area, prep space and seating should be a similar floor plan. Also, consider the surrounding landscaping and your home’s aesthetics. The outdoor kitchen should fit seamlessly into the design.
When choosing building materials for your outdoor eating space, make sure you pick those that are durable and can withstand the climate and weather conditions common to your area. Salt, rain, extreme sun, and snow can damage materials that aren’t fit for outdoor use. Another consideration is whether you’ll need utility hook ups for different features. You might need to add a water or gas line to connect to a grill or sink.
If you’ll be doing a lot of entertaining, make sure to incorporate a sound system or simple set of speakers into your outdoor kitchen design. Music enhances the mood when you’re having a dinner party for guests. Adding these audio components after the design is complete is the wrong time to make the call.
Please contact a construction expert at Tiefenthaler for more information on our exterior home renovation projects, including outdoor kitchens and outbuildings. We also specialize in interior remodels, custom millwork and major home additions.

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