5 Historic Green Homes

Owning an historic home from a past era is an honor, but many owners of preserved structures are unaware that these buildings are capable of being environmentally friendly as well. The construction and renovation experts at Tiefenthaler have experience with preservation, and are familiar with the features of the best historic green homes.

Source: Wikimedia

Source: Wikimedia

1. Ardestie Earth House. This home in Scotland was built long before green initiatives were popular, but it boasts outstanding eco-friendly qualities regardless. The chain of underground huts, passageways and cellars shows that the builders knew something about the Earth’s insulating properties.

2. Underground Homes of Australia. These dugout structures are proof that mankind is capable of adapting suitable alternatives when traditional building materials aren’t available. The homes are fully or partially underground, and are comprised of abandoned mine caverns.

3. Fallingwater. This Frank Lloyd Wright creation in Mill Run, Pennsylvania, both overlook and is part of a flowing waterfall. It appears as if it was carved out of the rock formations that surround it. The home was one of the first to harness solar power for household use.

4. Philip Johnson Glass House. This Connecticut home’s striking appearance is surpassed only by its eco-friendly qualities. The glass panes are high-efficiency, and the solar panels fuel the structure’s geo-thermal systems for almost complete self-sustainability.

5. Thomas Jefferson’s Monticello. One of our nation’s founders is credited with utilizing the sun’s rays for both heat and light. The first floor is illuminated by second floor skylights, which channel the sun to the rooms below.

For more information on historic green homes, please give us a call at Tiefenthaler. We have extensive experience with new construction, additions, and large scale renovation work. We maintain direct partnerships with the best architects and interior design professionals in Fairfield County and beyond.

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