3 Great Places to Add Millwork in Your Home

There is nothing like putting your own stamp on a house. The ideal paint color in the living room, floor coverings for the kitchen, or window treatments for your bedroom are items that can make a house feel like your home.

However, if you really want to express your personal style and make your home feel more like a castle, you should see what luxury home millwork can do to create the transformation of your dreams. Here are three great places to try adding custom millwork to your home design.

Tiefenthaler Construction

Source: Tiefenthaler Construction

  • Give Your Ceiling Visual Interest

Your ceilings are a less obvious place to display luxury home millwork — which is what makes this idea even more exciting. You can choose beautiful crown molding that will add interest to the seams between your wall and ceiling.

  • Dress Your Walls

Chair rails add a bit of luxury to a place where millwork is not the norm. Chair rails can make over-sized rooms more intimate. Feel free to make them the color of your choice or use a natural wood color.

  • Liven Up Your Doorways

Add architectural interest to your doors by adding luxury home millwork. Use the design of your choice to frame the entrance and exit ways around your home. You can make them as ornate, or as elegantly understated as you see fit.

If you’re looking for a way to add style and value to your home, luxury millwork may be the solution for you. Make your mark on one of the most important investments of your lifetime. Contact us at Tiefenthaler Construction for more information on how you can bring custom millwork into your home.

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