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Bring Your Historic Home Into The 21st Century With These 5 Tips

Owners of Northeastern historic homes are fortunate to benefit from the quality craftsmanship and attention to detail practiced by builders of generations past. However, there are circumstances when it’s necessary to add a few more modern touches to your older home. The historic home renovation specialists at Tiefenthaler have some recommendations on how to bring your place into the 21st Century. 

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1. Make sure you talk with expert contractors before attempting any structural changes. Older homes have weathered many years, and may be vulnerable to certain projects.

2. Even if an architectural detail is rotted or destroyed, save it for future reference. You can show it to your contractor as an example of how the place looked in its glory days, and they can emulate that style.

3. If your historic home contains older windows, replace them with more modern, high efficiency models. You’ll maintain the integrity of the place, but be paying much lower energy bills. In some cases, you can also receive beneficial tax treatment.

4. Older plumbing systems may be leaky or damaged, and could even be harmful to your health. It’s likely that your place features brass, galvanized or copper pipes, all of which have their own lifespan. Talk to an experienced plumber before undertaking any plumbing repairs, as these experts can help you replace or repair older pipes.

5. Know your federal and local rules if your older home is protected by historical landmark laws. There are some construction or renovation projects that are prohibited in order to safeguard the aesthetic and time-honored integrity of the structure.

If you own an older home that could use a more modern transformation, please contact the construction experts at Tiefenthaler. We specialize in renovation Northeastern historic homes, as well as new construction and major home additions.

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Designers We Love: Amy Aidinis Hirsch

At Tiefenthaler Construction, our successful new home construction, major renovation and custom millwork business relies in part upon the skills of our talented interior design partners. Amy Aidinis Hirsch is one of our most trusted Connecticut designers, bringing her fresh take on home décor and design expertise to our improvements projects.

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Source: Amy Hirsch

Ms. Hirsch specializes in classic interior design that also incorporates the edginess of modern finishes. In balancing form, comfort and function in a space, she employs unique color palettes and textural elements that add a sense of sophistication and elegance to her work. You’ll immediately note the exquisite attention to detail, from the floor coverings, wall finishes and trim, right down to the fabric choices, accessories and wall art.

Many of Ms. Hirsch’s projects bring wood and texture to the forefront as a design focus. By adding features such as custom millwork and wainscoting, she transforms a space from ordinary to statement-making. Her portfolio includes gorgeous carved bathroom vanities and kitchen cabinetry, as well as hand crafted fireplace mantels and hearths that will create a visual focal point in your living space.

Close collaboration with her clients sets Ms. Hirsch apart from other designers. She takes her inspiration from you, but adds her own sense of style to enhance your vision for a space. Her dedication to clients and understanding of how a room is utilized will help make your dream come true.

We partner with many Connecticut designers at Tiefenthaler, whether through our new builds, large scale home additions, or historic preservation work. Please give us a call for more details on our projects, or to schedule a tour at the home of one of our satisfied clients. We’ve been serving Fairfield County for over 25 years, and look forward to hearing from you regarding your custom built home.

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5 Contemporary Home Building Trends for 2014

Whether you’re looking into new home construction or want to make some major changes to your home, it’s a good idea to understand 2014 contemporary home building trends. You’ll gain insight on what architectural features are popular right now, as well as find out about new technologies that can make your home more efficient.

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The professionals at Tiefenthaler keep current with the latest building trends, including a few that you might consider.

1. Recent hit TV shows that take place in the 1960s have brought retro style back to living spaces. Bold geometric prints will be used in furniture, accent pieces and wall coverings. Fabrics such as rich velvet will also be incorporated.

2. Look for individuality in home building trends for the coming year. Instead of matched furniture sets for the living and bedroom, you’ll see more personalized, unique pieces that have a story to tell.

3. Gray will be a popular color for the next year, and various shades will overtake white as the go-to for paint colors. Both indoors and out, gray is less stark and goes will any décor.

4. For hardware and other metal details, gold is the next big trend in interior design. It will be used in various finishes, including shiny, brushed and antique.

5. Wood details will move away from light and contemporary to more classic styles. Cherry and other fruit woods are making a comeback in wall trim, wainscoting and ceiling beams. You’ll also see these darker shaded woods as updated floor coverings.

There are many more 2014 contemporary home building trends that are defining the construction and renovation industry right now, so please contact an agent at Tiefenthaler for more information. We can tell you more about our new home projects, home renovations and historic home preservation work.

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Enjoying the Outdoors: Build a Fire Pit as a Focal Point to Your Outdoor Space

When designing or adding onto your outdoor space, it’s smart to consider including a fire feature that serves as a beautiful focal point and adds visual interest to the patio. However, the experts at Tiefenthaler can attest to the benefits that go far beyond just making an attractive impact on your décor.

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With fire pits, outdoor space is something you and your family can enjoy well into the evenings, even during cooler Fairfield County weather. Spring and fall in our region are beautiful times of year to take in the scenery, and an outdoor fire feature ensures that you and your guests can do so in cozy comfort.

Besides providing a place where everyone can gather to take off the chill, a fire pit can act as the focal point what is essentially an outdoor room. You have more space for entertaining, and can set up a conversation area around the feature so that everyone can warm themselves. The glow of the fire will cast enough light, so you won’t need to turn on glaring beams or add complicated lighting systems.

Many of today’s fire pit designs can even incorporate grill surfaces or other apparatus for cooking meals. Installing a grate over the fire will enable you to whip up a batch of steaks or burgers, or go bold by bringing in a smoker for slow cooking meats. Brick ovens are popular among homeowners as well. You can bake pizzas or bread outdoors without heating up the kitchen during the hot summer months. A rotisserie for roasting poultry or other meats is another option.

For more information on fire pits, outdoor space renovations and other home renovation projects, please contact a specialist at Tiefenthaler. In addition to exterior work, we also handle new construction, home additions and historic preservations.

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3 Great Places to Add Millwork in Your Home

There is nothing like putting your own stamp on a house. The ideal paint color in the living room, floor coverings for the kitchen, or window treatments for your bedroom are items that can make a house feel like your home.

However, if you really want to express your personal style and make your home feel more like a castle, you should see what luxury home millwork can do to create the transformation of your dreams. Here are three great places to try adding custom millwork to your home design.

Tiefenthaler Construction

Source: Tiefenthaler Construction

  • Give Your Ceiling Visual Interest

Your ceilings are a less obvious place to display luxury home millwork — which is what makes this idea even more exciting. You can choose beautiful crown molding that will add interest to the seams between your wall and ceiling.

  • Dress Your Walls

Chair rails add a bit of luxury to a place where millwork is not the norm. Chair rails can make over-sized rooms more intimate. Feel free to make them the color of your choice or use a natural wood color.

  • Liven Up Your Doorways

Add architectural interest to your doors by adding luxury home millwork. Use the design of your choice to frame the entrance and exit ways around your home. You can make them as ornate, or as elegantly understated as you see fit.

If you’re looking for a way to add style and value to your home, luxury millwork may be the solution for you. Make your mark on one of the most important investments of your lifetime. Contact us at Tiefenthaler Construction for more information on how you can bring custom millwork into your home.

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Architect Profile: Rob Sanders

At Tiefenthaler, we partner with many talented Connecticut architects and interior design specialists to help bring the fine home construction, renovation and restoration dreams of our clients to life. When it comes to custom built homes developed according to the discerning tastes of our customers, Rob Sanders is one of our most skilled architects. Mr. Sanders focuses on creating custom homes that are simultaneously functional, comfortable and aesthetically stunning.

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By concentrating on the classic elegance of traditional construction practices and the convenience of modern advances, Mr. Sanders develops living spaces that conform to homeowners’ expectations of form and utility. He balances proportion with intended use to create floor plans that are efficient in their design and pleasing to the eye. Natural light and building material quality are equally important to achieving the vision of his clientele.
While he specializes in renovating historic homes of the 18th, 19th and 20th centuries, Mr. Sanders also recognizes the value of more modern appointments and fixtures. With advanced technologies in insulation, high efficiency windows, HVAC systems, and ventilation, he is able to develop homes that save homeowners on energy bills. At the same time, Mr. Sanders is also cognizant of the latest green initiatives and environmentally friendly approaches to construction.
Mr. Sanders serves clients in Connecticut, New York and Massachusetts providing architectural design services and interior design consulting. He also specializes in site and landscape analysis related to historic buildings, a necessary process when making major renovations to certain protected structures.
For more information on the accomplished and experienced Connecticut architects that we work with at Tiefenthaler, please contact our office. We specialize in custom construction projects, as well as preservation of well-aged, historic homes around the Fairfield County area. Our experts also handle major home renovations and large scale additions to existing structures.

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