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Use Architectural Trim to Improve Your Home’s Aesthetic

What separates a nice house from a beautiful home for you? Is it the perfect furniture? A beautiful view? The art on the walls? We think a beautiful home is all in the details. Join us as we take a look at architectural trim in luxury home construction.

Architectural Trim

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Decorative trim can add a touch of personality to every nook and cranny of your home. Try adding an ornate cornice and arch. This is a nice touch that can break up the abrupt disconnect between rooms. Your visitors will be in awe as they draw their eyes up towards the ceiling. Your trim can be as decorative or discreet as you please. For example, try an ornate floral motif or a more clean design with simple lines.

The outside of your home can be decorated with architectural trim to make your home stand out. Try Victorian trim along your roof’s edges to add some visual interest. The trim can be added to the very top of the roof, or you can choose to extend the trim all around. Again how ornate or simple your trim can be is dependent upon your own taste.

When it comes to architectural trim for your luxury home construction, we are the experts. We want to help you create the home of your dreams. Contact us for more information.

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Historic Home Spotlight: Why We Love Roseland Cottage

If you love historic homes as much as we do, you’ll love today’s spotlight home. Historic home Roseland Cottage is a quintessential 19th century garden home built in the Gothic Revival style.

Roseland Cottage


Located in Woodstock, CT, the outside of Roseland Cottage is surrounded by beautifully manicured gardens featuring roses and other fragrant flowers. It’s brightly colored rose walls are eye catching, drawing the attention of passersby in the town’s common area. The indoors are just as elaborate featuring beautiful wall coverings, ornate rugs, and stained glass. If you love the Victorian era, this is a home you would love to visit.

This home includes a number of extras that were originally built in the 1850’s: an icehouse, aviary, a carriage barn, and one of the nation’s oldest indoor bowling alley. Historic home Roseland Cottage is open to the public from June 1st through October 15th. If you’re looking for a place to visit during the lazy days of summer, make Roseland Cottage a must on your list.

If you have questions about restoring your historic home or building a new home inspired from classic designs like Roseland Cottage, give us a call. We specialize in working with clients with a grand vision for what their new home should look like.

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Local Architects We Love: Peter Cadoux in Westport

As a professional home building company, we love to put the spotlight on our local Connecticut architects. With the wealth of talent right here in our state, there is no reason to go elsewhere if you are looking to design the home of your dreams.

Beach House


Today we’re taking a look at Peter Cadoux Architects, P.C. located in Westport, CT. Peter Cadoux is the principal architect of the firm. He’s a graduate of the prestigious Rhode Island School of Design. Peter Cadoux is known for creating homes that have a classic feel with a modern sensibility. You can find many of his homes with classic touches that include ornate pillars and stone fireplaces.

Rather than sticking to a particular style of architecture, Cadoux prefers to be inspired by his clients’ vision for their new home. As a result, working with Cadoux’s firm will ensure that your home is an original.

As a home builder located in Connecticut, we highly recommend the services of Peter Cadoux. If you are looking for an architect that can create the home you and your family have always wanted, give Peter Cadoux Architects, P.C. in Westport, CT a try.

For more information on how you can team up with us, please contact us.

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Create an Outdoor Living Room with a Beautiful Fireplace as the Centerpiece

If you’re looking for something a little out of the ordinary, try creating an outdoor living space with a fireplace as your centerpiece. Your outdoor living room home construction can be designed for use throughout the year to be used as a setting for family gatherings, summer barbecues, and romantic hideaways. Are you looking for a few ideas to get you started? Read on!

Tiefenthaler Construction

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Cape Cod Beach Living

Create an outdoor space reminiscent of New England summers with your very own beach haven. Build a raised bed filled in with sand, perfect for curling your toes in on a warm summer’s night. Pick out your favorite whicker patio furniture strategically placed under a tree canopy to invite others in for sharing meals and great conversation. A brick fireplace serves as the centerpiece giving off warmth and light as the party lasts well into the night.

Try a Covered Porch

If you want the excitement of outdoor living, but still want to keep some of the feel of indoor shelter, then try a covered porch. This may be a great option for those of you that have picturesque views of gardens or mountains in the distance.Slowly sip wine in front of the fireplace while chatting with old friends.

Build a Stone Patio

When it comes to outdoor living room home construction, less can often mean more. A simple stone patio layered in a beautiful design can be all you need to set off the outdoor living space of your dreams. A simple fire pit in the center is the perfect crowd gathering piece for conversation or toasting s’mores.

If you’re ready to do something a bit different with your backyard space, then consider building an outdoor living area complete with a fireplace. Contact us for more information.

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Insulated Concrete Forms: Our Replica Scottish Castle in New Cannan

As we continue construction on a replica of a Scottish castle in nearby New Cannan, CT, we wanted to share with you some of the benefits of building your next home with insulated concrete forms. Did you know that you can heat 3 homes built with insulated concrete forms (ICF) for the same cost it would take to heat one home built with the traditional 2×4 wood frame construction insulated with fiberglass? Read on for specifics.

Tiefenthaler Construction

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Create an airtight fit

The reason behind why ICF works so well is hidden in its construction. Think of an airplane that rides thousands of feet in the air. The temperature at that height can go down as low as -150 degrees Fahrenheit. Yet the airplane is still able to maintain a normal temperature, even though it is only about 2 inches thick. This is due to the plane’s airtight structure. ICF homes work in a similar fashion. The concrete is encapsulated in 2 inches of foam creating an airtight fit.

Save on your energy bill

Eighty percent of the air moving in and out of your home is through the walls. This is drastically reduced with ICF construction. The average amount of money spent on heating a traditional wooden frame home is about 10 cents per square foot. ICF homes cost only about 3 to 5 cents per square foot.

Better long term investment

Some may not see the value in paying the larger price tag up front for an ICF home. However many energy experts are saying that as energy costs rise, the price of your monthly energy bill may exceed the price of your monthly mortgage in 20 years.

If you’re looking for new ways to save money on your energy bill, contact us for more information.

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Add Rustic Feel and Function to Your Home with a Barn Style Garage

Whether you’re adding onto an existing structure or planning new construction, it’s important to consider your garage as a major component to your home’s curb appeal. If your home construction and design preferences lean toward rustic styles, a barn style garage is one way to bring the earthy look to your place. The construction pros at Tiefenthaler have experience with planning and building barn style outbuildings, and can offer some tips on creating your dream garage.

Tiefenthaler Construction

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Do you want an attached garage? Stick to the traditional country look by using barn red as the primary color. The bold contrast draws the eye to the structure, making it a focal point for your exterior style. Finish up with classic white paint along the eaves, doors and other trim.

Make sure to incorporate windows to allow light to enter your garage, especially if you’ll be using it for purposes other than parking your vehicles. Many households utilize the structure as an artist’s studio, craft room or man cave. You could also consider adding guest quarters on the second floor.

Stone is a glamorous and durable addition to your barn style garage, especially when it complements your home’s exterior and landscaping. However, use this building material in smaller doses, such as along the lower half of the structure.

The gray shades of stone work well with white or bold navy blue paint.Rustic wood stained in your favorite finish is also an elegant look to a barn style garage. The softness of wood makes it seem more cozy, as if it’s weathered many storms.

Please contact Tiefenthaler for more information on our home construction and design projects for garages and other outbuilding structures. Our building experts have been handling home additions, historic preservations and other renovation work in the Fairfield County area for over 25 years.

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