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3 Great Renovation Trends in 2013

As we head into the holiday season, experts in the home renovations industry will be analyzing the styles and design trends that were popular in 2013. With extensive experience in home improvements, new construction and historic preservations, the professionals at Tiefenthaler have identified the top renovation trends for 2013.

1. It’s time to embrace bold, bright color when incorporating design elements and home décor. The last few years have seen elegant rooms bathed in neutrals, with a few pops of color in the accent pieces. However, more designers are shifting to color on a large scale. You might consider mahogany walls, some bold custom woodwork or bright furniture to bring color into your living space.

2. Go green when you’re planning home renovations in 2013. Bamboo is being made into flooring, cabinetry, and various other uses, and it’s a renewable resource. You can also support the planet by utilizing reclaimed wood, which adds texture and visual interest to any home improvement project. These wood pieces can be decades old, so they also bring a historical element into your home.

3. With the economy showing signs of improvement, more homeowners are able to splurge on high end improvements, artwork and furniture. You don’t have to break the bank by spending all at once, but rather take your time. Buy one piece you absolutely love, even if it’s the most expensive article in the room. The decor will benefit from having a focal point, and you can design around this central feature. One glamorous piece of furniture or unique wall art is a perfect highlight to the room.

Please contact the Tiefenthaler office if you’d like to hear more about our quality home renovations and historic preservation projects. We can also provide details on our outdoor space transformations and cabinetry designs.

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